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About FWMI

We are excited that you chose Fort Wayne Massage Institute and Massage Therapy as your career.  Massage Therapy is a very rewarding career field and it is FWMI's goal to prepare you fully to make the most out of your long career in massage therapy.  Our mission is to teach, train and prepare individuals to be a Massage Therapist who have a passion to help others through the power of touch.

In order to achieve this we have designed an intensive 16-week Massage Therapy Certificate Program to give you all the tools necessary to have a long and rewarding career in Massage Therapy.  Throughout the 16 weeks we will cover everything from Anatomy and Physiology to how to interact with guests before and after services as well as everything in between.


What makes Fort Wayne Massage Institute unique?

  • 16-week program start to finish; after the 16 weeks you will be eligible to take the necessary test to be a “Licensed Massage Therapist”

  • The school takes place in a fully operational day spa, giving you the student, access to real world situations

  • Extensive hands on learning, training and practice instead of sitting in a classroom all day taking English classes

  • Small class sizes, giving you the student concentrated attention from instructors


This program is designed for the individual who is just graduating from High School or is looking to make a career change that is interested in a short, concentrated, fast moving program designed to get you great training and into the real world practicing massage therapy.

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